Jebby’s, Hampstead

Restaurant: Jebby’s on 17
Location: 15831 US Highway 17 N, Hampstead NC, 28443
Style: Sit-Down

Bone-In Hot Wings
12 for $10.50

‘Hot’ was selected for this review. The sauce coated the wings entirely, without smothering. In terms of heat, a standard spiciness resonated from the sauce. I did not need water to finish every bite, and unlike many wings I have had in the past, my eyes did not tear up. Unfortunately, the sauce faced its downfall for its unoriginality. It tasted too similarly to something that would be found in the frozen section of a grocery store.
Two separate textures were evaluated. The breaded wings incorporated an extra fried coating. This coating absorbed the sauce and increased the taste of the “friedness”. The naked wings were a standard thin layer. Imagine your typical chicken wing. Both wings were cooked thoroughly and the meat was quite juicy. As a recommendation, I would suggest the naked wings. The breaded wings showed a uniqueness, but the extra layer was overwhelming.
Breaded: (7/10)
Proportion + Price:
The level of meat on the wings was quite satisfying– both legs and flats held enough meat to make myself feel rather full. Regarding price, 12 for $10.50 is not a bad deal. Jebby’s does offer 50 cent wings on Wednesdays, so that may be the time to go.
Regular: (7/10)
Wednesday (8.5/10)
Regular Days:
Breaded- (21/30)

20150504_183733 20150504_183737

Bottom Line: Quality contender. Definitely Recommend.

Applebee’s, Greenville

Restaurant: Applebee’s
Location: 202 Greenville Blvd, Greenville NC, 27834
Style: Sit-Down

Bone-In Hot Wings
8 for $8.99

The standard hot sauce was examined for the purpose of this review. It covered the wings with a heavy thickness and blended multiple seasonings that could be tasted in the flavor. Unfortunately (and as a matter of preference), the sauce resonated a strong tone of barbecue. This is counter to what I expect in a hot, buffalo wing. (6/10)
The texture for the wings was phenomenal. Fried to the perfect point, it was evident that the meat was cooked evenly and with care. Additionally, the bones displayed strength, sturdiness, and high quality (no breaks).
Proportion + Price:
The size of the wings were rather substantial. Each leg and wing were visibly large and the meat was almost falling off the bone. However, 8 for $8.99 is not economical for wing enthusiasts. I only ate half a proportion for the purpose of reviewing, and I would have only truly been satisfied if I indulged in 8 more.

Score: 18.5/30


Bottom Line: Strong quality for a small order. Do not order for a meal.

Carolina Dining Services (Ram’s Head Dining Hall), Chapel Hill

Restaurant: Carolina Dining Services (Ram’s Head Dining Hall)
Location: 104 Ridge Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Style: Student Dining Hall

Bone-In Hot Wings
$10.45 for Unlimited Wings

The hot flavor was the only sauce reviewed in this post. The recipe incorporated a primary base of “Texas Pete” (the sauce commonly used in the dining hall). The cooks added some seasonings and possibly butter/margarine. It tasted spicy and wasn’t too overpowering. Unfortunately, not enough other ingredients were added to mitigate the taste of the “Texas Pete”.
The texture of these wings was one of the worst I have ever tried. The very first plate of wings should not even be classified as such. It was merely a plate of meat with some bones (see picture). Additionally, many of the bones snapped in half, making it difficult to eat. If I were to stretch for an upside, the wings had the desirable thin layer covering the inner meat. And some even displayed a small bit of juiciness, but nothing too noticeable.
Proportion + Price:
Proportionality and price are difficult to determine in this review. As someone who purchased an unlimited dining hall meal plan, a mere meal swipe for unlimited buffalo wings was a no brainer. However, paying $10 for unlimited “dining hall” wings (the price a non-student would pay without a meal plan) seemed to be a bad deal. The cost would simply be too steep for the poor quality. The wings themselves had a slightly less than average amount of meat on them, but this characteristic should be considered irrelevant. By eating in the dining hall, the number of wings that can be eaten is ‘unlimited’. As such, this category is strictly determined on cost, not wing size.

Score: 13.5/30

20150422_132641     20150422_133405

Bottom Line: Eat them if you are a college student, avoid otherwise.


Wild Wing Cafe, Wilmington

Restaurant: Wild Wing Cafe
Location: 1331 Military Cutoff Rd, Wilmington NC 28405
Style: Sit down/ Bar

Bone-In Wings
50 for $46.99 and 25 for $24.59
*Prices vary for Tuesday night*

Sauce/Flavor: 5 Separate Sauces were reviewed: Hot, Ranchilada, Jalapeno Cheddar, Slayer, and Braveheart.

Hot: This ‘hot’ tasted like a classic buffalo sauce. The cooks did not jam-pack the wings with too much flavor, but they were still able to coat the wings entirely with a tasty zest. On the menu, the ‘hot’ symbolizes 2 pepper icons as an indication of spiciness, but I would suggest the restaurant to change it to three (as it is much hotter than other “2 pepper icon” sauces). (9.5/10)

Ranchilada: Attention ranch lovers, this sauce is perfect for you. It appears as though the cooks combined the ‘hot’ with a little bit of ranch. This results in a much more potent flavor, but it does lose some heat (relative to the ‘hot’). (9/10)

Jalapeno Cheddar: The Jalapeno Cheddar tasted sweet, while also combining cheddar and jalapeno bits. While one would think that Jalapenos would make this sauce very spicy, it did not come off of the tongue in that manner. If anything, the sweetness in the cheddar overpowered. I would recommend this in a sampler, but not in a large order. (8/10)

Slayer: WARNING! STAY AWAY WHILE ON DATES! The Slayer combines a buffalo sauce with a large amount of Garlic. The sauce is extremely potent and messy in the hands. Due to this ‘drippiness’, you will find yourself licking your fingers throughout the meal. This could be good or bad depending on your own preference. Concerning the taste, I found the garlic overpowering, and I do not think there was enough hot/buffalo sauce. (6/10)

Braveheart: Braveheart is considered to be the hottest wing sauce on the menu. 6 pepper icons show its maximum hotness. If you observe closely, pepper bits are visible in the sauce, and just smelling the wings can water your eyes. After eating just one, I asked the waitress for a glass of milk, and following this refreshment, my mouth still felt like it was on fire. The actual taste of the sauce was not very desirable for a meal– the heat definitely overpowered everything. However, this wing sauce is not something you eat for a meal, but a must try for the experience/challenge. (7/10)

Texture: The texture of the wings were on point. The cooks finished the wings quite nicely– not too crispy and not too soft. Additionally, once bitting into the wing, it had a perfect temperature and juiciness. My only complaint: every once in a while, I would stumble upon a wing (on the chicken legs) that would have an entirely fried/breaded extension that didn’t have any actual meat on it. However, this seemed to be rare. (9.5/10)

Proportion + Price: Both the wings and the legs showed a significant amount of meat on them. Particularly on the legs, meat fell off the bone. For the price of $47 for 50 wings and $25 for 25, it was a bit pricy, but definitely worth it. If you are on a budget, you can stop by on Tuesday nights when they have a “buy an order get an order free”. (9.5/10 on Tuesdays and 7/10 on other days)

Hot: 26/30
Ranchilada: 25.5/30
Jalapeno Cheddar: 24.5/30
Slayer: 22.5/30
Braveheart: 23.5/30

*Add 2.5 to accommodate for price on Tuesday nights*

Bottom Line: One of the best places to get wings in the Wilmington area.

SupDogs, Chapel Hill

Restaurant: SupDogs
Location: 107 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Style: Sit down/Bar


My friends and I decided to get some food at SupDogs on a Monday evening. I have eaten their wings before (both boneless and bone-in). I decided to choose this location as my first review, because it is a frequently visited restaurant among my friends, and we have always had terrific service.

IMG_5668   IMG_5669  IMG_5670

Boneless Buffalo Wings
$5.99 for Half a Pound

Sauce/Flavor: The sauce I chose was “Buffalo”. It coated the wings fairly and in a uniform fashion. Unlike your traditional buffalo wing sauce– this had a popping orange tint to it. Nonetheless, it was tasty and easy on the tongue. It did not scream or project a heavy kick. I want to suggest that the cooks added some ranch to the sauce, but there is not enough evidence of this. For those who are concerned about getting their fingers dirty, the sauce was not sticky or messy.
Texture: The boneless wings at SupDogs are just smaller chicken tenders with sauce. The texture was certainly crispy on the outside and a little juicy on the inside. However, there was nothing unique, special, or impressive, thus a high rating cannot be achieved.
Proportion + Price: For $6 for half a pound of wings, it seems like a fairly reasonable deal (particularly in Chapel Hill). However, what I (and presumably many others) found out, is that 1/2 pound of wings is not nearly enough to fill a person up with. Along with this, the wings varied in size. Some of the tenders were much larger, meaning that they had to be broken/cut in order to be eaten.

Score: 15.5/30

Bottom Line: The wings could be good for an appetizer, but don’t expect something of premier quality.

We have lift off!


My name is Chris. I have been a chicken wing enthusiast my entire life. Since when I was young, I constantly scarfed down buffalo wings at any opportunity. I visited countless restaurants, tested homemade recipes, and even created my own buffalo sauces. Some call it addiction, others call it a strange habit, but I refer to it as one of my passions. After much encouragement from my friends, I have decided that my wing expertise should be put to use, so I will be using this blog to review chicken wings at restaurants all around!

Some of the broad characteristics that will be considered in the reviews are: sauce, texture, and proportion + price. Though, my holistic review style will take into account more specific aspects within these broad categories.

Wings regards,