We have lift off!


My name is Chris. I have been a chicken wing enthusiast my entire life. Since when I was young, I constantly scarfed down buffalo wings at any opportunity. I visited countless restaurants, tested homemade recipes, and even created my own buffalo sauces. Some call it addiction, others call it a strange habit, but I refer to it as one of my passions. After much encouragement from my friends, I have decided that my wing expertise should be put to use, so I will be using this blog to review chicken wings at restaurants all around!

Some of the broad characteristics that will be considered in the reviews are: sauce, texture, and proportion + price. Though, my holistic review style will take into account more specific aspects within these broad categories.

Wings regards,

One thought on “We have lift off!

  1. Ben Dover says:

    While the review was accurate you forgot to mention what the wings are like coming out of your body. The burn was like any pain I ever felt and I screamed so loud the neighbors thought I was being murdered and the cops kicked my door down and I was screaming on the toilet.


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