Applebee’s, Greenville

Restaurant: Applebee’s
Location: 202 Greenville Blvd, Greenville NC, 27834
Style: Sit-Down

Bone-In Hot Wings
8 for $8.99

The standard hot sauce was examined for the purpose of this review. It covered the wings with a heavy thickness and blended multiple seasonings that could be tasted in the flavor. Unfortunately (and as a matter of preference), the sauce resonated a strong tone of barbecue. This is counter to what I expect in a hot, buffalo wing. (6/10)
The texture for the wings was phenomenal. Fried to the perfect point, it was evident that the meat was cooked evenly and with care. Additionally, the bones displayed strength, sturdiness, and high quality (no breaks).
Proportion + Price:
The size of the wings were rather substantial. Each leg and wing were visibly large and the meat was almost falling off the bone. However, 8 for $8.99 is not economical for wing enthusiasts. I only ate half a proportion for the purpose of reviewing, and I would have only truly been satisfied if I indulged in 8 more.

Score: 18.5/30


Bottom Line: Strong quality for a small order. Do not order for a meal.


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