Jebby’s, Hampstead

Restaurant: Jebby’s on 17
Location: 15831 US Highway 17 N, Hampstead NC, 28443
Style: Sit-Down

Bone-In Hot Wings
12 for $10.50

‘Hot’ was selected for this review. The sauce coated the wings entirely, without smothering. In terms of heat, a standard spiciness resonated from the sauce. I did not need water to finish every bite, and unlike many wings I have had in the past, my eyes did not tear up. Unfortunately, the sauce faced its downfall for its unoriginality. It tasted too similarly to something that would be found in the frozen section of a grocery store.
Two separate textures were evaluated. The breaded wings incorporated an extra fried coating. This coating absorbed the sauce and increased the taste of the “friedness”. The naked wings were a standard thin layer. Imagine your typical chicken wing. Both wings were cooked thoroughly and the meat was quite juicy. As a recommendation, I would suggest the naked wings. The breaded wings showed a uniqueness, but the extra layer was overwhelming.
Breaded: (7/10)
Proportion + Price:
The level of meat on the wings was quite satisfying– both legs and flats held enough meat to make myself feel rather full. Regarding price, 12 for $10.50 is not a bad deal. Jebby’s does offer 50 cent wings on Wednesdays, so that may be the time to go.
Regular: (7/10)
Wednesday (8.5/10)
Regular Days:
Breaded- (21/30)

20150504_183733 20150504_183737

Bottom Line: Quality contender. Definitely Recommend.

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